Olivier Mangin

Researcher in developmental and social robotics

Research Interest

I build intelligent robots that interact with humans and adapt to unforeseen situations. Distinguished in the fields of developmental and social robotics, this integrative endeavor combines prospect from many other, covering mathematics, computer sciences, and cognitive sciences. In particular, I use robots as tools to better understand the human mind, and take inspiration from knowledge about infants' cognitive development or human social interactions to improve robots' capabilities.

Understanding the mechanisms that underly the development of perceptual, motor, and linguistic abilities is my main subject of interest. I study these questions in the context of early language acquisition, learning by imitation, concept emergence, human-robot collaboration, and multimodal learning. More than each individual topic, I focus on similarities and interconnections between them.


I am currently a postdoctoral associate in the social robotics laboratory at Yale university. I completed my PhD in computer science within the Flowers team at INRIA Bordeaux under the supervision of Pierre-Yves Oudeyer. I am an alumni of École polytechnique and the MVA master (mathematics for vision and machine learning).

More detailed information is available on my résumé.