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  • Source code—Task models [github]

    Task models representations and algorithms for human robot collaboration.

  • Source code—Emergence of multimodal concept [github]

    A set of tools and experimental scripts used to achieve multimodal learning with nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF).

  • Choreography dataset [doc] [download] [see examples]

    This dataset is made of choreography motions captured through a kinect device. The choreography motions have a particular combinatorial structure: choreographies are designed as simultaneous execution of some primitive motions from a given set of primitive dance motions.

  • Choreography dataset 2 [doc] [download] [DOI]

    This dataset is made of single gestures captured through a kinect device.

  • The Acorns Caregiver dataset [full corpus] [features]

    The Caregiver dataset was recorder by the Acorns project. It is available online thanks to Christina Bergman's work. See also Modelling the Noise-Robustness of Infants’ Word Representations: The Impact of Previous Experience for details on permissions to use the dataset. I also provide features to use directly in the multimodal experiments (see the code for more details).